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Umrah Visa Cost and Requirements in 2020 For UK

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Umrah Visa is a type of a visa from Saudi Arabia that is purely issued to the Muslims community for their religious purposes. Umrah visa is mostly for one to two months of the time period. This type of visa is mostly unknown for non-Muslims and they are not very much familiar with the terms and conditions of the Umrah visa in 2020. 

Saudi Arabia is earning a lot of revenue through umrah visa’s every year as millions of Muslims go for offering umrah. There is a very simple way to get Umrah visa because it is purely for religious purpose so the government of Saudi Arabia is very cooperative in this type of visa. Along with that government in return earn handsome capital through the money paid by the people coming from different countries.

In a report, it is evident that the umrah visa ratio is increasing day by day and it is a big addition to the yearly capital of the Saudi state.

It would also be appreciated that the government of Saudi Arabia is providing the best facilities when it comes to the people who come at the Umrah visa.

Umrah Visa – Eligibility and Required Documents in 2020

For an Umrah visa, there is no such a hard and fast rule as every year millions of people applying for Umrah visa and now it has become a formal process for the responsible employees who are working for these purposes in Saudi Arabia and they are completely aware of the system with much so much clarity that even they are easily handling so many applications that come with Umrah visa.

Umrah Visa – Basic Requirements

1 – Four passport size photographs. The background of the photographs should be in blue color and if a female is applying for umrah visa her picture should be in a scarf according to the rules of the Saudi government otherwise Visa may be rejected.

2 – National Identity Card

Your national identity card or CNIC must be valid for 1 year of the issued date and you have to attach the copy of your CNIC with other documents when applying for Umrah visa and it may or may not be attested by a government official as it varies in different cases.

3 – Passport

Passport is a most important requirement for a visa because it is an official document that without it you cannot move out from your country. For Umrah visa, your passport must be valid for 2 years till the issued date and there are at least 2 blank pages.

These are just simple and most important required documents applying for an Umrah visa. If you are missing one of them you are not eligible to go for Umrah.

Umrah Visa – Procedures

The procedure for applying an Umrah visa is very simple. Just take the above mentioned documents to a local agency that is dealing with umrah visa or hajj services. Mention here there are a number of agencies so be careful and must do an exercise before approaching to an agency for umrah visa because there are some technical problems also that will bother your journey in offering umrah. Once your file prepared by your local agency it will be forwarded to an agency in Saudi Arabia which finally approved your case for umrah visa. After your case approval, you will be informed about your departure, accommodation and other things. Mostly on an Umrah visa, you visit two important cities that are Makkah and Madinah.

Umrah Visa – Best Agency

As I mentioned above many travel agencies are working for Umrah visa and these included international or local at the same time. But sorry to say it is a very sad situation that majority of the agencies wither local or international they are doing too much fraud in umrah visa. They are unable to fulfill their commitments done with their clients and at the end, all have to suffer by the client when he go for an umrah on an Umrah visa 2020. 

The question is why you people do so when you cannot fulfil your promise? The answer is the money taken in advance and the interest of earning lots and lots would never be ended that is why most of the agencies are not unable to meet the international standards especially in Umrah visa cases.

After lots of research, it is concluded that minatours, an agency based in London, England is the best option when someone is going to apply for an Umrah visa we are also offering best Cheap Umrah Packages in 2020.

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