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Umrah Visa 2020 – Summary of This Special Type of Visa

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Umrah visa is a type of visa that is required to go to Saudi Arabia to perform religious duties. This type of visa has almost lasted from two to three months. This type of visa is actually provided to Muslims from all over the world from the government of Saudi Arabia. Now the things are if umrah visa will be an issue or not it depends on two factors.

First and most important is that government of Saudi Arabia completely has an authority to issue or not the visa but if your case will be filed properly then there is no strong reason that your visa will be rejected. The second factor is if you have approached a travel agency or agent to file your case from umbra visa it will be of good repute. There is a need that an individual can follow all the rules, terms and conditions and the documentation that is required.

Here is an article to provide you with information on how to get Umrah Visa. There are no eligibility criteria as such, however, your or your family members’ eligibility is dependent on the documents you submit, and other factors as well.

Umrah Visa Requirements

Let us go through the documentation part first that are required to file your case for a visa –
First of all, along with your legal documents, you have to attach four passport size photographs with background should be blue and for female members or pilgrims, a scarf is required as per rules of Saudi Arabia. The second National Identity Card or Social Security number must be submitted. A copy, not the original one, however, some may require having attested by a government official. But that varies. Third, your Passport should be valid for at least 8 months, and the minimum blank pages required is 2. If an individual is under 18, his or her birth certificate or B Form must be submitted.

It is important for the government of any country to make sure the applicant has no viral disease, hence, it is also required to submit a health certificate that proves you recently have been through a medical examination and clean of any viral disease. The medical examination should be taken within 6 months. So, this the documentation and legal part of the Umrah visa process. Now let have a sneak peek into the procedures.

Umrah Visa Services in 2019 – Mina Tours UK

Here I will explain the real story that I heard from my relatives. My grandmother was planning to go for Umrah visa and it is about some 2 years back. We visited many travel agencies and agents but there is a huge difference between the Umrah packages according to their price. So it’s hard to trust anyone and it was the first trip from my close family members. We go to a travel agency I do not want to mention the name here. The person there is absolutely very sluggish, he demands almost double the fee and gave some offers about residence and food packages but my grandmother was not satisfied with his attitude and after that, I started searching about the special Umrah visa 2020 offers and cheapest rates. When I was going through the websites of different companies.

I saw the name of Mina tours, it was a UK based travel agency and deal with different services. When I compare the services and packages from the online portal of different agencies I saw that there is a much different and then I decided to approach the Mina tours. It was a great experience of my life because the services and environment were very friendly and people are very professional in dealing with their customers. They offered me different Umrah visa packages from high to low rates. I selected the required Umrah via offer and submitted my documents. They verify all documents and filed my case of Umrah visa to Saudi’s embassy. Believe me after 2 weeks, yes exactly the same you hear I got my Umrah visa call from Mina tours. This a great experience for me.

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