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Consider traveling for Umrah this winter!

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Rituals Involved in Umrah

All over the world, religions have some sort of pilgrimage which they have to perform. For the Sikhs have their own, the Jews too and even the Hindus. Pilgrimage generally refers to a location which has some sort of historical or holy significance to it in relation to the religion in question. Moreover, when on pilgrimage, the rituals which you perform are also concerning a historical event related to the ritual. It’s like you are paying homage or acknowledging the efforts of the holy people which existed in your religion, a tipping of the hat if you will. One such ritual is Sai, which translates to “searching”. This ritual is done by Muslims all around the world when they visit Makkah in order to either perform Hajj or Umrah. It pays respect to Hajar who ran between the hills of Safa and Marwah in the desert. She did this to desperately find water for her and her infant son at the time Ismail. Pilgrims from all over the world flock to Makkah in the millions in order to perform Sai and fulfill some of their religious duties if they can get a hold of one of the many cheap umrah packages, in the case that they are not capable of performing Hajj.

cheap umrah packages

Moreover, on the Umrah trip, you will also have to perform Tawaf, which involves circling the Holy Kaaba 7 times. For those who are not physically capable, they can do it at a slower pace, while others who are physically fit enough can move at a quicker pace.

Package and Planning your Trip

When considering going in for one of the cheap umrah packages, there are several things to consider. You need to take account of the weather at the time. Surely you wouldn’t want to go when the sun is blazing down on you and you have to bear the heat the entire time. Hence the reason people often take advantage of the December umrah packages. Moreover, you need to consider who will be with you, if you are going alone or with a family. Where will you stay, how will you fly, where will you receive sustenance from? All these factors tie in to make a decision related to when to perform your Umrah.

Travel whenever you want, the benefit of Umrah

Hajj is compulsory for those who are able to perform it in their lifetime. It is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and is a requirement of every Muslim to do so at least once in their entire lifetime. We understand that for some, Hajj might not be possible but Umrah might be. Therefore, we recommend that you do whatever you can while you can and attain whatever blessing you can when in Makkah. Again, Umrah has the benefit where you can go whenever it is convenient, therefore, consider some of the December umrah packages for you to avoid the heat of the desert as much as possible.

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