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Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages in 2020

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To perform Hajj and Umrah is a prestigious practice for Muslims all over the World. Every Muslim wish to visit the Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah at least once in their life to perform Umrah. Umrah is one of the most sacred activities for Muslims and is said to bring numerous benefits to one, in the world as well as in the life hereafter.

It is the other type of pilgrimage, alongside Hajj, which has very high importance in the religion of Islam. Although it is not an obligation like the pilgrimage of Hajj, it has very high importance for the Muslim community and Muslims to go for this holy trip each year, in large numbers. Unlike Hajj, Umrah can be performed at any time of the year and hence, many people try to make advantage of this time span. To make this pilgrimage safe, convenient & hassle-free for the Muslims residing in the UK, Mina Tours UK has brought various cheap & affordable Umrah Packages for its valuable customers either traveling alone or in a group or with family. We work in collaboration with a large network of local & international business partners to provide you with exclusive but affordable travel packages especially, during Hajj & Ramadan.


We are a UK based travel agency working for more than 20 years in a highly professional manner to meet the standards of the international travel & tourism industry. With our experience & expertise, we provide our customers with clear & transparent advice for their pilgrimages. When you book your trip with us, you can be assured of a hassle-free process from Umrah Visa to ticketing, accommodations & transport. We are offering the following services for the citizen of the UK traveling with us for Umrah with family or individually.


Pilgrims must have a valid Umrah visa to perform Umrah. Our Umrah in-house system is up and running to process your visa right away!

At Mina Tours, we ensure that all your travel requirements including visa processing are dealt in time and as smooth as possible.


  • One application form, duly completed and signed by the applicant.
  • One passport-sized photograph affixed to the application form.
  • The passport should be in order and valid for at least 6 months.
  • Applicants applying by post should enclose a prepaid, self-addressed envelope, registered/ recorded, for the return of processed passport. Please ensure that you have enclosed the correct passport in accordance with the actual weight of your parcel. Please allow one week for the return of the processed passport.
  • Applicants applying from the Republic of Ireland should enclose a minimum of 9 (nine) coupons.
  • A meningitis immunization certificate.
  • Non-U.K. or E.U. Passport holders must have a valid visa and must have entered the UK at least two months before applying.
  • Children aged one year or over and traveling on a parent’s passport must have their photograph affixed to the passport and endorsed by the authority concerned.
  • All females should be accompanied by a Mehram, either the husband, father, uncle, adult son, brother or adult nephew.
  • The minimum age for a Mehram is 16 years; this will enable him to qualify as a Mehram.

For further important details please visit: https://www.minatours.co.uk/umrah-visa/


While traveling with Mina Tours; one can get the best travel packages along with luxury residence with world-class facilities ranging from 3-star to 7-star hotels. All accommodations offered in the Umrah Packages by Mina Tours are within the minimum distance to the Haram Sharif & mosques.


We are offering many different packages that suit every customer’s budget making your travel affordable & comfortable. So you can book from our wide range of packages, the one that suits your budget.


Our travel consultants will support you through planning and reserve your trip, offering help with any issues faced by our travelers, from health issues, to scheduling flights, adding transport or sightseeing. We also have male & female medics, guides & staff for your assistance. We’ll also be providing Whatsapp contact for quick assistance while you are on your trip.

Choose from our offered Umrah Packages, or call +44 (0) 2080902756 for further assistance.

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